SAI KIRAN   For Complete Logistic Solutions

Special Consultancy

Special Consultancy Apart from our standard services, we also reach out to clients to help them for special projects and needs with our value added services and personalized consultancy, like:
  • ATA Carnet clearance

    ATA Carnet is a versatile tool for easy movement of cargo for temporary import and export, eg: for participation in exhibition in other countries. Currently around 71 countries are joint signatories of ATA Carnet. This does away with the normal customs documentation and replaces it with a simple voucher, acceptable in all signatory countries.
  • Documentation consultancy

    Import & exports involves complicated and extensive documents and paper work. We give clients special assistance on various steps of documentations and certifications needed for easy import clearance.
  • Value Added Services

    We provide Pre & Post consultation for your logistic needs including:
    • Outsourcing complete Import / Export activity
    • Guideline for Import/Export of new product
    • Duty structure, Duty Exemption, SVB,DBK, On-site audit
    • Policy Guideline
    • Guideline for Allied Act
    • Warehouse set up, supply chain and distribution