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WarehousingWarehousing service is an integral part of the supply chain management we offer. Our warehousing and distribution service is designed to support our clients' global sourcing and distribution needs on a local level. From warehouse design to efficient storage facilities, automatic data identification and data capture (AIDC) technology, we cover all aspects of Warehouse management to ensure productivity. By capturing data real time, we ensure errors are minimized with less dependency on manual skills. There by ensuring minimum dwell time, faster business processes and smoother Supply Chain Management.

Why choose us?

  • State-of-the-art Warehousing facility
  • Fully Automated Inventory Management
  • WiFi enabled network
  • Trained man power
  • Safe and dust free environment
  • Fast, efficient, error free Supply Chain system

Services We Offer

  • Safe and mechanized inward/outward system
  • Barcode scanning for systematic data storage
  • Packing & labelling
  • Accurate maintenance of stock and stock records
  • Accurate and timely record keeping and reporting
  • Clear identification and traceability of goods
  • 24 hours security
By combining our scalable warehousing and distribution capabilities with advanced technology, we meet your specific supply chain needs in a dynamic marketplace. We ensure storage for all goods according to legal parameters needed for good supply chain management like proper hygienic handling of items to minimize contamination, dust free environment etc. To enable optimum space utilization, we have introduced vertical pallet racks which can support storage density better. We also provide clients total access to their inventory via regular email updates to help them manage, track and issue order processing, and have better control on their inventory.
Having handled a diverse range of products like office automation equipments, automotive products, ship spare parts, refrigerators, plastic products, ceramic tiles and sanitary wares; we understand how important it is to ensure safety for clients' valuable goods. We have appointed seasoned security personnel at our warehouse units. We also provide value added services such as re-packing into unit size, labelling, invoicing, transportation or any other related activities as required by the customer to support their supply chain & distribution needs.
Our fully Automated warehouse management system ensures:
  • Easy inventory management with precision
  • Capturing of data in real time at the point of work
  • Minimizes manual errors and ensures more efficiency in team output
  • Convenient locating and tracking of goods at any point
Inward Process
Outward Process